Teaching Assistant Workshop

The College of Computing and Informatics at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte has almost 100 Teaching Assistants (TAs), and they play a vitally important role in supporting our undergraduate students. Our College has designed TA workshops to prepare them for an effective teaching experience and provide them with an overview of best practices in teaching computer science courses.

Cohort Successes

“As a new Teaching Assistant, it takes time to learn the ins and outs of teaching and working with students. There are a lot of complicated situations that can arise that need to be handled sensibly and with care. Workshops like the one I attended on Cheating & Plagiarism really helps in exposing you to situations that you haven’t faced yet and teach you how to handle them. I’m grateful for the workshop because now I feel better prepared to face challenges like this one in the future.” – Anibal Robles Perez, PhD Student in the Department of Software and Information Systems

” I attended teaching seminar twice. It gave me the broad and deep sense of teaching, especially teaching in computer science. We discussed about the teaching strategies, grading schemes, giving feedback and so on. The environment in the class was very engaging. Everybody shared their opinions on various topics, which helped the peers acquire knowledge faster on those topics. I highly recommend this seminar to the students who want to pursue the academic career in the future. – Ting Li, PhD Student in the Department of Computer Science